Abe Lincoln Haters Gonna Hate Decal Sticker

From: $6.99

We love ole’ Abe here at the Geek, and totally did not believe he killed a bunch of vampires until that movie came out. Many people are not familiar with Honest Abe’s famous speech – Hater’s Gonna Hate. Given on a brisk Autumn day in 1864, the Hater’s Gonna Hate speech inspired thousands not to be haters, but to be lovers instead. So here’s to you Honest Abe! Slap a Abe Lincoln Hater’s Gonna Hate car decal on your sweet ride today.

  • 8 inch
  • 14 inch
  • 20 inch



All Car Deal Geek decals are die-cut (no background), made from the highest quality weather-proof vinyl and are guaranteed to withstand high temperatures, rain, snow, hurricanes and alien invasions. Available in different sizes and colors.

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