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Spiders are freaking awesome! We don’t even squash ’em when we find ’em crawling on the wall. We get a magazine and gently push ’em with a paper towel onto the magazine and set them free in the wilds of our backyard. Be free little dude! We have put together the greatest collection of spider car decals that the world has ever seen. If you are a spider lover then add a couple to cart and slap some sweet spider car decals on spidermobile today!

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  • Remember the tarantula that crawled on Peter’s pillow (I think it was Peter), when the Brady’s went to Hawaii, because of the tiki idol that Bobby (I think it was Bobby) found? Well I’m calling B.S.! Tarantulas aren’t native to Hawaii. Maybe Jan had a weird secret crush on Peter and that was here way of tying to break the ice. Anyway, this tarantula spider car window decal sticker is freaking awesome! Slap one on today!

  • The Tribal Spider car window decal is not for the faint of heart. This decal will transform you and your sweet ride into the badest mamajamma on the road. Slap one on today!

  • We love spiders here at the Geek! The iron cross spider car decal looks like it belongs on some bad-ass bikers’ sick custom chopper, or on your powder blue Prius. Slap one on today!

  • Wicked cool skull spider car decal. Slap this decal on your creepy car today!