About Us

About UsCar Decal Geek is a site devoted to die cut vinyl decals and stickers. We know that we say that they are for cars, but the truth is, you can stick these bad boys just about anywhere. We tried to design awesome and unique decals that you don’t see every day. We were sick of seeing Calvin peeing on a Ford or Chevy symbol, NASCAR numbers or those obnoxious stick figure families that every short-haired big-butt minivan mom was rockin’. We knew that we could come up with some cool decals that people would love slapping on their car windows. We have tons of categories and are constantly adding new decals every day.

We are a proud Michigan-based company that sells freaking awesome decals all over the world. Got an idea for us, tell us about it. Wanna partner with us? Wanna tell us that we freaking rock? Wanna tell us how bad we offended you with one of our decals? Don’t be shy, drop us a line.

We’d like to give every one that stops by our little site, a big ole tip of the Car Decal Geek cap and thank you for clicking on over. Now, go add some awesome decals to your shopping cart!