How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

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Apple provides you quite a few alternatives if you have to troubleshoot hardware and software problems that may be plaguing your Mac. If you can’t determine the origin of your issue by isolating problems in OS X, then your first port of call ought to be OS X’s most built-in retrieval tools.

But that might not be necessarily sufficient and Recovery Mode might be not able to assist you get your Mac back to functioning order. As the previous choice, you can boot your Mac into a hardware diagnostics manner, which on newer Macs is named Apple Diagnostics or even Apple Hardware Test on old versions. Within this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can input Apple Diagnostics or Apple Hardware Test manner to identify the possible supply of a hardware problem.

Apple Diagnostics and Apple Hardware Test mode will help ascertain which hardware component might be causing the matter on your pc, and supply initial measures to attempt to fix it.

About Mac computers released before June 2013, you may use Apple Hardware Test, an old variant of Apple Diagnostics mode. Macs introduced following June 2013 will utilize Apple Diagnostics style instead.

There is no practical difference between neighborhood and Internet-based variations of Apple Diagnostics and Apple Hardware Test manners.

Older Macs using OS X Lion 10.7 and sooner that do not have Apple Hardware Test on the startup disk can boot this attribute from the Programs Install Disc two or the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive that sent with late-200 MacBook Airs.

Simply insert the disk that came with your Mac to its built-in optical drive or an outside Superdrive (owners of this late-2010 MacBook Air version will fit the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive into a USB port) prior to following the steps outlined further below in this report.

When you’ve got a Mac laptop, double-check that the pc is connected to the power adapter to stop it from shutting down during testing. the Mac Insider Furthermore, unplug all external devices, such as USB thumb drives and external storage devices, out of the Mac except the computer keyboard, mouse, screen and jack.

When you’ve got an online connection, Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics will upload outcomes to Apple and urge support tools on the provider’s support site that are linked to the issues that are detected.

3) Immediately press and hold the D key on the keypad until Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics starts inspecting your hardware settings, which might require a moment or so.

5) Pick which type of tests you would like to carry out. You are able to perform basic evaluations by clicking on the Test button, or conduct a barrage of comprehensive diagnostic evaluation by simply ticking the box next to “Perform elongated testing” and then hitting on the Evaluation button.

6) Evaluation results will look after a couple of minutes. As the evaluations are done, your Mac laptop’s lover could kick into overdrive. When there’s something wrong with your pc, you’re going to find a brief description together with a reference code.